I need to update my payment information (CrashPlan for Small Business FAQ)

Your registered payment method will be charged each month for your CrashPlan for Small Business subscription. Renewal charge totals are based on the number of Active devices listed on your account. If your registered payment method expires, is cancelled, or is unavailable for any other reason, we will not be able to renew the subscription.

To resolve the issue, your Subscription Administrator can update the payment information used to pay CrashPlan for Small Business subscription renewals using our website.

We are unable to update payment information for our customers, so please do not send payment or address update details to us via email or chat.

Here are the steps required to change your payment method:

  1. Sign into the CrashPlan console.
  2. Click Account in the navigation menu.
  3. Click on the Manage My Subscription button.
  4. From the My Subscriptions page, click the small blue Edit link in the Payment Method section
  5. Click Yes to proceed with the payment method modification.
  6. To update your existing payment method, enter your information under the section labeled My Payment Information. To add a new payment method, click Add New Payment Method, and then enter your new payment details.
  7. Click Submit to save your changes.
  8. If entering a new payment method, you must click Save for subscription next to the payment method you wish to use for the subscription payment the next time your CrashPlan for Small Business subscription renews.

 Once the new payment method has been saved for the subscription, you will have the ability to delete any undesired payment methods from the list.

Please Note: We do not accept prepaid cards as payment. Attempting to add a prepaid card as a new payment method or changing your payment method to a prepaid card will result in the following error message: "We're sorry but CrashPlan for Small Business does not accept prepaid cards".

To use PayPal as your payment method, contact our technical support team for assistance.

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