What does it mean when my operating system is no longer supported? (CrashPlan for Small Business FAQ)

When CrashPlan stops supporting an operating system, this means:

  • Computers running unsupported operating systems may no longer receive automatic upgrades to the CrashPlan application.
  • After the end of support date, our support team can no longer guarantee assistance with issues arising from your use of the CrashPlan application on devices running on unsupported operating systems.
  • After the end of support date, CrashPlan cannot guarantee that our products will operate without issues on unsupported operating systems.

If you're currently running on an unsupported operating system, you should upgrade to a supported operating system to continue using CrashPlan. To clarify, we will not forcibly discontinue CrashPlan on unsupported operating systems, and your backup may continue seamlessly for some time. However, running an unsupported configuration puts your data at risk and could be interrupted for any of the reasons outlined above.

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