Why is CrashPlan scanning my files? (CrashPlan for Small Business FAQ)

When viewing the CrashPlan app, you may notice that the application scans your file system every once in a while. CrashPlan for Small Business uses two separate methods of scanning files to determine which files are within your file selection and whether they need to be uploaded to the cloud:

  1. Your operating system’s real-time file watcher
  2. CrashPlan’s on-demand scan, the file verification scan.

Your operating system's real-time file watcher service will be running and automatically reporting file selection changes to the CrashPlan app, which it will then add to the backup ‘to do’ list for analysis and upload once the next backup interval begins. This scan will also occur if an external drive is connected.

The file verification scan will run, by default, daily at 3:00 AM local time.  If the computer is powered off, asleep or offline during this time, the scan will be delayed until the CrashPlan app is able to start and connect once again.  The file verification scan schedule can be configured within the CrashPlan console.

You may want to view past scan completion times to get an idea of how long they have taken to complete.  This information can be viewed by selecting Tools > History on Windows or Window > History on Mac.

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