Why is my backup not completing? (CrashPlan for Small Business FAQ)

A CrashPlan for Small Business backup is considered complete when it has backed up 100% of the file selection. CrashPlan for Small Business is designed to alert you if the backups aren't reaching 100% completion.

You can see the difference in the backup report email and in the CrashPlan consoleLast backup activity (Last activity in the console) was the last time any amount of files were successfully backed up. Last completed backup (Completed in the console) was the last time the CrashPlan app backed up 100% of the file selection. You could be backed up 99.9% successfully, and still receive an alert. There are a few reasons why this might occur:

Unable to back up files

When the CrashPlan app reports that it is unable to back up some of your files, you will see a line in the History log that will read Unable To Back Up # Files with the exact number of files the app couldn't back up. Note the date of the line, and see if it applies to a recent backup. We have a detailed article with instructions for how to determine what files are affected and how to resolve the issue on your operating system:

Scheduled Backup

If the CrashPlan app is set to back up on a set schedule, it may not have enough time to complete depending on how much data needs to be backed up.

You can change your backup schedule from the CrashPlan console.

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan console.
  2. Click on Devices > Active and click the name of your computer to bring up Device Details.
  3. In the upper right corner, select the Action menu 2699-fe0f_2x.png and click Edit.
  4. The Device Backup Settings window appears, select the Backup tab.
  5. Under Backup will run, if Between specified times is selected, you can edit the window of time and the days your backup will run. If backups aren't completing, try adding more time to your schedule.

Energy and Sleep Settings

The CrashPlan app will only back up your files if your computer is powered on and not asleep. When your computer goes to sleep, the CrashPlan app will stop backing up. Adjust the power or energy settings for your computer so the CrashPlan app can run as long as it needs before your computer goes to sleep or powers off.

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