CrashPlan crashes or quits unexpectedly (CrashPlan for Small Business FAQ)

If your device has a very large file selection, sometimes CrashPlan needs to be allocated more system memory (RAM) in order to properly process the full amount of your data. This is typically indicated by the CrashPlan app crashing and quitting unexpectedly shortly after opening. To resolve, you can allocate more memory using the CrashPlan app Command Line Interface (CLI):

1. Open the CrashPlan app
2. Double-click the CrashPlan logo in the top-left corner of the app or press Shift + Control + C (Option + Command + C on Mac) to open the CrashPlan app CLI.
3. Enter the following command, using a value appropriate for the size of your backup selection (for example, 4096 for a 4 TB selection): java mx 4096, restart
4. Press Enter on the keyboard.
The CrashPlan app closes after you enter this command to restart the service. After it closes, you can re-open it manually.

The value you use will depend on the amount of data you have selected, and is allocated in 1024mb increments per TB of data.

Backup size Memory allocation required

2 TB

3 TB 3072
4 TB 4096
5 TB 5120
10 TB 10240


Once the proper amount of memory is allocated, the CrashPlan app will continue backing up your data and will no longer crash or quit unexpectedly.

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