Why is my backup synchronizing? (CrashPlan for Small Business FAQ)

The CrashPlan app regularly performs a synchronizing operation to verify the accuracy of the information it stores about your file selection with the information stored at the backup destination. 

The amount of time needed for synchronization varies depending on your internet connection, computer speed, and the size and type of files in your backup file selection. Once the synchronization finishes, backups and restores resume.

During synchronization, you cannot back up or restore from the CrashPlan cloud. However, if you need to restore a file while the CrashPlan app is synchronizing (for example, right after replacing a device), you can try one of the solutions below:

Recommended Solution

If you back up to multiple destinations, try to restore from a non-CrashPlan cloud destination such as an external hard drive first. If that is not possible, try the alternative solution below.

Alternative Solution

If you cannot wait for synchronizing to finish and you do not back up to multiple destinations, follow the steps below. Note that the CrashPlan app will still need to complete the synchronization process once you complete these steps.  

Assign the computer a new identity

  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan app.
  2. Open the CrashPlan Command Line Interface (CLI) by double-clicking the CrashPlan logo in the top-left corner of the app or by entering the keyboard shortcut for your operating system:
    • Mac: Press Command + Option + C
    • Windows and Linux: Press Control + Shift + C
  3. Enter: guid new
  4. Press Enter. You are signed out of the CrashPlan app. The replace device wizard opens.

Sign back in to the CrashPlan app

  1. Select Add new device.
  2. Restore your files for the new device.
  3. Open the replace device wizard from the menu bar:
    • Mac: Select File > Replace device.
    • Windows and Linux: Select Tools > Replace device.
  4. Select Replace Existing to replace your previous computer and resume your original backup. 

What if my backup is constantly synchronizing?

If your backup constantly synchronizes and fails to back up regularly, please reach out to our Technical Support team for further assistance and troubleshooting.

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