Why am I receiving a backup alert? (CrashPlan for Small Business FAQ)

CrashPlan for Small Business sends email warnings and alerts to help you stay informed about the status of your backups. When you receive a backup alert, you will want to check the status of the CrashPlan app installed on your device.

Step 1: Open the CrashPlan app

You can locate the application on your device by doing the following:

  • Windows: Search for CrashPlan in your Start Menu and open CrashPlan.
  • Mac and Linux: Locate CrashPlan in your device's Applications folder.

Step 2: Determine if backups are running

Opening the app will bring you to the Home screen, where you can see backup sets and your destinations. Green checks next to the destinations mean that backups have completed recently. When the backup is running, you will see a circle with a percentage number next to the backup destination, such as the CrashPlan Pro Online Cloud or a local external drive.

If you are unsure of the status from the information displayed on the Home screen, you can view the History log, which will give you more detailed information on the CrashPlan app's recent backup activity. You can open the History menu using the following steps:

  • Windows and Linux: Tools > History
  • Mac: Window > History

The History window includes timestamps and events the CrashPlan app has logged, such as "Completed backup" or "Unable to back up [# of] files". This information can help you diagnose backup problems, or it may confirm that the CrashPlan app is functioning properly.

Step 3: Take Action

If backups appear to be completing normally:

  • Backups may have been interrupted temporarily during the time of the report, but have since resumed.
  • There may be a communication issue between the application and the CrashPlan Pro Online cloud. You can open the command line interface in the app to issue a command to restart and reauthorize the application.

    1. Double-click the CrashPlan logo in the top-left corner Press Shift + Control + C (Option + Command + C on Mac) to open the command line window.
    2. In the command line window, type the following command: restart
    3. Press Enter. The CrashPlan app will close. Reopen the CrashPlan app and sign back in if necessary.

If backups are not completing:

  • Try Uninstalling and reinstalling the CrashPlan app
  • Check your network to make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Check security software (such as anti-virus or firewalls) and make sure the CrashPlan app is not being blocked.
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