I need to select specific files, folders, or drives for backup

To select files or change what is already included in the backup, select the Home button in the CrashPlan app and click Manage Files.  From there you will see a list of files on your system. Select the ones you want to back up, then hit Save and the CrashPlan app will back up the files selected.

CrashPlan for Small Business is designed to back up personal files, meaning documents, your desktop, etc., but it can also back up video files and other important files (mail databases, Quickbooks, iPhoto) as well. Other types of things you want to back up may include:

  • External drives: If an external drive is attached to the computer, you can select it for backup.
  • Network attached storage (NAS): You can use CrashPlan for Small Business to back up NAS on Mac and Linux. If the volume is mounted on the device, you can add it just as you would a local drive. Please note that NAS backup is not supported on Windows devices.

For more information, see Change the file selection (CrashPlan for Small Business).

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