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Tax exemption instructions for the United States (CrashPlan for Small Business FAQ)

If your organization is within the United States, you can enter tax exemption information by emailing our payment processor a tax exemption form and confirming your company name in our records.

Step 1: Submit a tax exemption form

  1. Obtain a tax exemption for your organization from your state's Department of Revenue.
    Each state requires its own tax exemption form. CrashPlan cannot provide tax exemption forms.
  2. Fill out the tax exemption form and include the following seller of record information:
    • Seller:
      Digital River, Inc.
    • Address:
      10380 Bren Rd. W.
      Minnetonka, MN 55343
      (952) 253-1234
  3. Email your tax exemption form to the following email address:

Step 2: Update your CrashPlan for Small Business billing information

After you submit your tax exemption information, your subscription administrator must update your CrashPlan for Small Business billing information. Your company name in CrashPlan for Small Business must exactly match the company name provided on your tax exemption form.
  1. Sign in to the CrashPlan console.

  2. Click Account.

  3. Click Manage My Subscription.

    A new browser tab opens and lists your subscriptions.

  4. Click Account & FAQ from the upper-right corner.

  5. Select Address Information.

  6. Under Saved Addresses, click Edit to update your company name.

  7. Change the Company Name to exactly match the company name provided on your tax exemption form.

  8. Click Submit to save your changes.

Your exemption will be processed the next time your subscription renews. For more information, see I have questions about sales tax, VAT, or GST (CrashPlan for Small Business FAQ).

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